Degica Trip Report - EuRuKo 2018

I just returned from EuRuKo 2018 a couple weeks ago and wanted to write a quick event report. This was the first time Degica has sponsored a Ruby conference overseas and had a speaker presenting. For the event we brought existing flyers we had made for RubyKaigi 2017, KOMOJU stickers, and Green Tea Kit Kats from Japan!

We were happy to see people super interested in Degica. The conference only had a few sponsors so we were right up there with about seven or so other sponsors running booths. Everyone already knows the big brand companies so attendees were surprised to see a small company like us all the way from Japan :-) a few even recognized Degica from the games we publish. Here’s a picture of our booth:

Since we didn’t have time to prepare printed chocolates like at RubyKaigi 2017 we stocked up on hundreds of Green Tea Kit Kat bars, which attendees loved :-) Here’s a fun tweet from someone receiving our conference swag:

Favorite Talks

The quality of presentations at this event were very good. They were not super technical so I found most presentations were entertaining and easy to follow. There were a few that we were really interested in and want to share here:

Chris Salzberg (Metaprogramming for Generalists)

My favorite presentation was from one of our engineers Chris Salzberg (totally not biased…) If you haven’t seen it yet you should watch it below :-)

Brad Urani - Rails anti-patterns: how not to design your database

Another super interesting talk which we enjoyed highlighted very familiar problems to our own when building large Rails applications. The presentor provides some elegant solutions for optimizing performance in large Rails applications:

Lighting Talks!

Some very well prepared lightining talks, I’ve highlighted the ones I found interesting:

How to do Microservices…. badly (trust me I’m a developer)

CP-8: Github Automation with CP-8 Bot

Introduction to Cookpad’s very cute channel bot CP-8

So… what did we learn?

Sponsoring an overseas conference gave our brand a lot of visibility outside Japan. Also, having someone speak at the conference turned a lot of heads as well. We’re pretty happy with the results, in terms of exposure, and also being able to sponsor such an amazing event.

Other Images!

Conference booklet from the event - degica logo included!

Chris along with Matz and other presenters receiving a round of applause:

Very かわいい Austrian street lights:

Looking for a Rails developer
Degica is looking for a Rails developer to work with our dev team. Checkout the link for more information.